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Battle of Chattanooga
Just across the border...

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Battle above the Clouds
Highly romanticized skirmish between General Carter Stevenson and Joseph Hooker, Nov. 24, 1863

Battle of Wauhatchie Station
A daring nighttime attack launched from the slopes of Lookout Mountain by Confederates under the command of James Longstreet against Yankees under the command of John Geary on Oct. 29, 1863

Brown's Ferry
Battle west of Chattanooga that opened the "Cracker Line" from Stevenson, Alabama to Chattanooga.

Overview of the fighting, Nov. 23-Nov. 26, 1863 with links to each of the encounters

Chattanooga Tennessee Civil War
Web Sit that gives an count of the Siege of Chattanooga ane the battle that released the Siege. Nov. 23-25, 1863

Chattanooga: a road trip through time
November 25th, 1997, marked the 134th anniversary of the battles for Chattanooga. On that day, Dave Buckhout and T.C. Moore retraced the route along which these battles flowed, from Lookout Mountain, through the city, and onto its finale atop Missionary Ridge. They had cameras, a road map, and an '86 Buick.

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
Oldest and Largest Civil War park

Cracker Line
General Grant had 40,000 Yankees starving in Chattanooga. The sixty-mile journey across Waldon Ridge took too long and cost too many lives. He needed a direct route from Chattanooga to the railhead at Stevenson and George Thomas gave him the answer.

First battle of Chattanooga(National Park Service)
Recap of the battle

Missionary Ridge
Battle that many consider the last chance for the South, Bragg defeated by Grant, Nov. 25, 1863.

Orchard Knob
Skirmish at Orchard Knob, General Georgia Thomas vs. Braxton Bragg, Nov. 23, 1863

Patrick Cleburne defeats Joseph Hooker despite Hooker's superior numbers. Nov. 26, 1863

Recap of battle that opened the cracker line.


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