Point Park, Lookout Mountain
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Point Park

A expanded look at Chattanooga's favorite Civil War site.

High atop Lookout Mountain, Point Park was built in 1905 to commemorate the "Battle Above the Clouds." Most of the fighting took place on the mountainside and not in the vicinity of the park. Carter Stevenson, commander of the three brigades that defended the area had positioned cannon atop Lookout Mountain to aid in it's defense. Once the cannon became ineffective, they were withdrawn. At the end of that day, November 24, 1863, Stevenson was encamped in the area of the park surrounded on three sides by a force ten times the size of his. Upon orders from General Braxton Bragg, Commander, Army of Tennessee, Stevenson withdrew his men southwest to Chickamauga Creek and Missionary Ridge.

The park has numerous monuments to the soldiers who died in the area. The New York Peace Memorial features a Union and a Confederate soldier shaking hands. The Ochs Museum, in the park, features Civil War memorabilia from the surrounding area.

The Cravens House is also a part of the park and can be reached by road or trails. An interesting part of the park that is often overlooked is the intricate design of the entrance and rock wall around the park. The building was the inspiration for the insignia of the Army Corps of Engineers, who built the park. This photo was taken shortly after completion of the entrance, about 1907.

Point Park

A expanded look at Chattanooga's favorite Civil War site.

Location: Atop Lookout Mountain
Directions: I-24 to exit 178, follow signs to Lookout Mountain and Cravens House.
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Date added: November 16, 2003
Last update: December 7, 2003

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