Ringgold Depot
Type:Railroad Depot
Railroad depot at Ringgold, GeorgiaBuilt in 1849, the Ringgold depot is a stone structure that was common for the time in North Georgia. By the time this depot was built the city of Ringgold (once known as Dogwood) was larger than neighboring Chattanooga. A warehouse town at the intersection of three major roads made it the largest town from Augusta to Nashville, a title it would loose within a couple of months to Cassville.

Although small, the structure touched much of the Civil War history in the area.

In 1862, the depot was the last building the General passed on the way north on the Western and Atlantic Railroad. Out of wood, low on water and with the Texas behind her, Andrews' Raiders would abandon the steam engine two miles north of the depot, ending the "Great Locomotive Chase."

On November 26, 1863, the station would anchor the line established by General Patrick Cleburne in defense of the retreating Army of the Tennessee in the Battle of Ringgold Gap. In the woods near the station are occasional monuments to the men who fought in the area, most notably a large marble monument dedicated to "The New York Brigade". Further north on the track is a short marker noting the final stopping place of the General.

Location: U. S. Highway 41 and Depot St.
Directions: I-75, exit 306, go east on Highway 151 and turn right on U. S. 41 South. The depot is on the left, just before the overpass.
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